Ma maison essay

According to Adamson, literature does not necessarily need to fulfil any social mission or purpose; [16] yet, as with Émile Zola [17] or D. H. Lawrence , there is no reason why it should not highlight social evils. A novel or novella – or a biography – is not merely an absorbing story: in Matthew Arnold 's words, the best prose is, like poetry, "a criticism of life". [18] This means that they convey some sort of philosophy of the world (in Arnold's words, "How to live" [19] [20] ), though some writers, such as Adalbert Stifter [21] and Jane Austen (to whom, incidentally, he is related through his mother [22] ) do this less than most others, whilst on the other hand Samuel Beckett conveys a profoundly negative philosophy of life.

2016    I'm Mark Wagner and I Approve This Message, Pavel Zoubok Gallery, NYC
2013    Money, Power, Sex, & Mark Wagner, Pavel Zoubok Gallery, NYC
2012    Voting with Your Pocketbook, Western Exhibitions, Chicago, IL
2011    Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death, Pavel Zoubok Gallery, NYC 
2010    Face Value, Faulconer Gallery, Grinnell Colege, IA
2008    My Portfolio, Pavel Zoubok Gallery, NYC
            Creative Accounting, Western Exhibitions, Chicago, IL
2006    Tags and Bills, Western Exhibitions, Chicago, IL
2003    Library in a Book in a Library, Parson’s School of Design, NYC
1997    Would I, Wood Eye, Gallery 214, Madison, WI
1996    New and Used Art, Memorial Union Gallery, Madison, WI

ma maison essay

Ma maison essay


ma maison essayma maison essayma maison essayma maison essay